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Join Our Transformative Newsroom

We believe it can be transformative to challenge the power structures within journalism, especially how stories are told and who sets the narrative. We believe it can be transformative to intentionally pursue impact as central to the production of our journalism. We believe it can be transformative to bolster our ability to pursue the most challenging stories, from emerging conflicts to the human face of climate change, from refugee movements to disease outbreaks. We believe it would be transformative to develop a viable model of mission-driven journalism on the international stage. And we believe it would be transformative to build a progressive newsroom culture full of passionate people who reflect the diverse communities we serve.

Why join TNH?

Work from Anywhere

Working at TNH means being part of a small, passionate, and truly global team across many time zones and geographies. Work and live wherever you like as long as you have the existing right to work.

Clear Direction

Our strategy and theory of change were created to fulfill our vision of building a progressive, transformative newsroom for our times. They govern everything we do and were created in consultation with our brilliant team.

Generous Annual Leave

Our employees enjoy a minimum of 35 days of paid annual leave entitlement per calendar year, inclusive of all public holidays in their local jurisdiction. After five years of service, that total increases by 5 days.

Staff Retreats

As a remote team, we place a lot of importance on making time for staff connection in our daily work together. But we also know connecting in-person is important too! Each year, we bring the team together physically at a fully paid-for staff retreat. Here, we collaborate, learn, and discuss important topics together.

Paid Leave for Life's Events

We know that life comes with many exciting highs and difficult lows, and we want to support our employees through it all. As well as paid sick leave, we also offer paid carer’s leave, parental and adoption leaves, and compassionate leave.

A Focus on Wellbeing & Innovation

We care deeply about nurturing an organisational culture of excitement, innovation, and well-being so that staff feel valued, proud, and motivated to do their best work. We ensure ample learning and development opportunities for our staff, and center duty of care by supporting the psychological safety and resilience of our team.

Balanced Benefits

Our competitive salaries include a cost of living adjustment to ensure similar purchasing parity across our global team. We contribute to staff pensions and offer a health stipend for staff in locations where national healthcare systems are not easily accessible.

Values Driven

At TNH, we are guided by and committed to organisational values which govern our work and inform our decision-making, ensuring that we stay true to our mission. By upholding our values, we maintain our credibility and integrity. This grounds us as a steadfast newsroom that seeks to drive change in bold and disruptive ways with a sense of calm moral outrage about the state of the world.

Meet our team

The TNH team believes deeply in what we do and works intensely in the face of the urgency of our mission.

Open positions

Currently we don't have any open positions.

Can’t find the role you are looking for?

We are always looking for people with unique skills and a passion for what we do. Send us your CV and we’ll get in touch when we have an opening that matches your expectations.

Our mission

We believe in journalism as a force for good. We produce fact-based journalism from the heart of conflicts and disasters to build understanding of how to improve the lives of the millions of people affected by humanitarian crises around the world. We cast a more critical eye over the multibillion-dollar emergency aid industry and draw attention to its failures at a time of unprecedented humanitarian need. As digital disinformation went global, and mainstream media retreated from many international crisis zones, our field-based, high-quality journalism filled even more of a gap. Today, we are one of only a handful of newsrooms world-wide specialised in covering crises and disasters – and in holding the aid industry accountable.