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Our Values

Our values serve as our compass and core principles that not only steer our actions and decisions in fulfilling our roles but also shape how we engage with one another, the communities we serve, and everyone our work touches. Beyond the fulfilment of their job descriptions and the demonstration of essential competencies, we firmly believe and expect our team members to embrace these values. These values are more than just words; they are the driving force behind how we approach our work and how we interact with our colleagues and stakeholders. At TNH, our values are integral to our identity.


We are a steadfast newsroom that seeks to drive change in bold and disruptive ways. We challenge dominant narratives and power dynamics with grit and determination.

We believe that courage is the fuel that empowers us to navigate the demanding work we do with unwavering commitment, to take calculated risks, to speak up with candour and share our ideas, and challenge the status quo in pursuit of our mission. We encourage our team members to be bold in their thinking and actions, as this helps us to find innovative solutions to the complex and pressing issues we cover.

We recognise that courage is essential for navigating challenges and setbacks, and we strive to cultivate a culture of resilience. By valuing courage, we inspire one another to step out of our comfort zones.


We are an ethical newsroom, and we hold ourselves to the same ethical, financial, and environmental standards we demand from others. We do not abuse our power and strive to minimise any harm caused by our work. We are the first to hold ourselves accountable.

We believe that accountability enables us to be responsible and transparent in our actions and decision-making, and to take ownership of our work and its impact. It helps us to adhere to our commitments and deliver on our promises, and to hold ourselves and others accountable to our shared values and standards.

We know that taking accountability shows others we can be relied upon and empowers us to grow professionally and personally. By valuing accountability, we work to create a culture underpinned by integrity and trust; one where we hold others to account, and we welcome others doing the same to us.


We are a newsroom driven by our collective ambitions, not our individual egos. We never take our privilege for granted and we find ways to share our power. We are open-hearted and display curiosity. We aren't glory-seekers - we’re happy being in the background as long as we’re having the intended impact. We don’t take ourselves too seriously even if we're doing serious work.

We believe that humility enables us to be open and receptive to new ideas, perspectives, and ways of doing things. It helps us to recognise and value the contributions and expertise of others, to be aware of our limitations, and to work collaboratively as a team.

We know that humility allows us to learn from our mistakes and to admit when we have made them. By valuing humility, we seek to uphold a culture of mutual respect and continuous learning.


We are a newsroom that feels a calm moral outrage about the state of the world. We show a spirit of camaraderie that traverses timezones and international borders, and we show allyship with marginalised groups. We question exploitative norms in the news media industry.

We believe that solidarity enables us to work together towards a common purpose, and to support and stand by one another in the face of challenges and adversity. It helps us to recognise the value of different lived experiences on our team and in the communities we serve, and to strive for diversity, inclusivity, and equity.

Showing solidarity allows us to be empathetic and compassionate, and to put ourselves in the shoes of others. By valuing solidarity, we hope to create a culture based on support, inclusion, and belonging.

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